Northern Lights dinner in Sirmakko Kota -restaurant



  • The program is available from December to March
  • The duration of the program is 4 hours
    From 7 pm to 11 pm
  • Min. 4 persons, max. 20 persons or case by case
  • Price: Adults; 180 € / person, children; 90 € / person
  • The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, so full certainty for them showing cannot be given (for instance cloudy weather prevents them showing).

The program includes

  • À la carte dinner in the kota-restaurant (menu 2)
  • Stories of Lapland, history, nature, Northern Lights
  • Going out to see the northern starry sky where the Northern Lights play
  • Lake side lean-to where you can warm up when it gets frosty
  • Admiring and photographing the Northern Lights. 

The evening begins with an à la carte dinner made with nature’s own raw materials in the atmospheric kota-restaurant. In the middle of the kota there is a big fireplace where we also prepare some of the foods.

The kota-restaurant menu consists of local, close to nature ingredients; reindeer and lake fish, berries and herbs gathered from nearby forests and other locally produced goods.

During dinner you hear stories of life on a reindeer farm, and some folk-tales as well as the science of the birth and meaning of the Northern Lights.

After dinner we go out to admire the peace and quiet of nature and the softness of winter light. If we are lucky we get to see the Northern Lights playing in the northern sky.

By the lake there is a lean-to with a fire where you can warm up when the frost bites. You have plenty of time to admire and photograph the Northern Lights.

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