Reindeer Farm and Kota -restaurant

Day at the Sirmakko Reindeer Farm

Experience genuine reindeer farm life; riding a reindeer sleigh, feeding the reindeer and stories of Lapland. Enjoy an à la carte dinner in an atmospheric Kota -restaurant.
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Traditional finnish sauna experience

Test the Finnish sauna in the tranquility of nature and a warm Hot spring out in the cold. Experience the difference of warm and cold and be refreshed.

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Exclusive Northern Lights Reindeer Ride and à la carte Dinner

Experience the magical dance of the Northern Lights, while enjoying a reindeer sleigh ride. Have a tasty food experience. Feel the genuine Polar Night. Experience the warmth, the cold, the darkness and the light.

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At the Sirmakko Reindeer round-up you get to experience a real reindeer round-up at a genuine reindeer fence.

Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience (Summer)

Experience the refreshing power of the traditional Finnish sauna like you never have before! Enjoy a delicious traditional Lappish menu with tasty local drinks. This evening will be one for the books!


Spend your summer day uniquely at the Sirmakko Reindeer Farm. Experiencing the genuine reindeer farm life, and the tranquility of nature.

"Five star service and food"

Great host and the food was fresh, hot and served without a long wait! Couldn't ask for more! Well done!
- Clara Mansell -


Come and enjoy a mesmerizing, tastepleasing dinner in the middle of the nature at our Kota -restaurant.

The à la carte menu of the Kota -restaurant is made with fresh and clean ingredients, reindeer, lake fish, mushrooms, berries and herbs, all locally sourced. There is a fireplace in the middle of the Kota -restaurant, where we cook some of our meals.

Our specialty is our reindeer dishes that are made from our own reindeer meat, produced in a totally ethical and organic way all the way to your plate.

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