Sirmakko Reindeer Farm visit



  • The program is available from December to March
  • The duration of the program on the farm is 5 hours.
  • 11 am to 4 pm
  • Min. 4 persons, max. 20 persons, or case by case.
  • Price: Adults; 280€ / person, children; 140€ / person

The program includes

  • Reindeer Farm demonstration
  • The history of the reindeer family and life on the reindeer farm
  • The year of the reindeer
  • Stories of Lapland, nature and animals
  • Reindeer sleigh ride and feeding the reindeer
  • Dining
  • Snack and warm drink at the lean-to
  • à la carte dinner (menu 1) in Kota -restaurant

In the Sirmakko Reindeer Farm you can experience genuine reindeer farm life. You get to feed the reindeer and enjoy an experiential reindeer ride. If you like you can try guiding the sleigh by yourself. You hear stories of life on a reindeer farm, of reindeer and of the enchanting nature of Lapland. Naturally you have the possibility to photograph yourself working as a herder with the reindeer. #SirmakkoReindeerFarm

In the warmth of the lean-to you are treated by snacks and a warm drink made by the reindeer farm hostess. At the end of the day we serve an à la carte dinner in the atmospheric Kota-restaurant.
On arrival we walk through atmospheric, snowy winter scenery to the reindeer farm where a warm fire awaits at the lean-to. The reindeer farm master tells us about Lappish nature, history and the year of the reindeer. During the story-telling you are served a warm drink and a snack made by the reindeer farm hostess. Before moving to the reindeer fences you are instructed on how to act with the reindeer.

After this we move on to meet the reindeer. There you can feed the reindeer and of course take a selfie with your favorite reindeer.
The reindeer ride is done on a route on the farm (the length of the route is a “calf’s pee”). The route goes through a natural forest and in the silence you can even hear a reindeer hoof click. The sleigh is guided by a true herder, but if you have the courage you can try guiding it yourself.
In addition to a reindeer ride you also have the chance to try for example snowshoeing in the forest, or fast paced sled sliding. Or you can just enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and the twilight of winter sitting by the lean-to.

At the end of the day we serve an à la carte dinner in the cozy Kota -restaurant. In the center of the restaurant there is a big fireplace where we also prepare some of the foods.

The menu is gathered from local close-to-nature ingredients; reindeer and lake fish, berries and herbs from the nearby forest and other ingredients produced close by.

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