Arctic Sauna Experience



  • Program available through December to March
  • The duration of program is 5 h
  • from 6 pm to 11 pm
  • Price: Adults; 260 € / person, children; 130 € / person
  • Minimum of 4 persons, max 12 persons or case by case

The program includes

  • welcome drink and small savory
  • bathing robe, towel, slippers and bathing hat
  • washing equipment (shampoo, conditioner, soap and skincare)
  • in the midst of lappish nature and silence the Sirmakko panorama sauna and cottage. The gentle bubbly Hot spring under the starry sky where you can possibly admire the Northern Lights.
  • by the lakeside sauna an atmospheric site for ice swimming
  • after sauna dinner at the Kota -restaurant (menu 6)

Test the Finnish sauna in the tranquility of nature and a warm hot spring out in the cold. Experience the difference of warm and cold and be refreshed.
The evening begins with a Welcome Drink and a small savory at Sirmakko kota-restaurant. Here you learn about the health effects and traditions of the sauna and Ice Swimming.

After this you move to the lake sauna where the sauna, ice swimming hole and warm hot spring await. In the sauna cottage with a fireplace you have bathing robes, slippers, towels and sauna hats. The sauna hostess can teach you about the secrets of sauna and guide the boldest ones to the ice swimming hole. 

You can also try the traditional Finnish custom “snow swimming” (a quick roll in the soft snow), which certainly is a refreshing experience. After this it is lovely to go back to the warmth of the sauna or hot spring.

If you like, you can order refreshing drinks to the hot spring and sauna. At the end of the evening you enjoy a sauna dinner in the Kota -restaurant.

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