Sirmakko Reindeer Family

The name Sirmakko means a beautiful and happy reindeer calf.

The Reindeer Farm in Rovaniemi

You can trust your hosts Hanna and Sami, genuine reindeer farm owners and sixth-generation reindeer herders, to take good care of you. In the covers of Lapland’s clean and magnificent nature, lies Sirmakko Reindeer Farm just on the edge of the beautiful lake called Perunkajärvi. In the Reindeer Farm’s area you can find the Kota-restaurant, which holds up to 50 people, and the magnificent panorama sauna.

Unique enviroment

Sirmakko is located in the middle of the greatest nature of Lapland but still not too far from the city – just a half an hour drive from Rovaniemi airport and only a 45-minute drive away from the city center. Sirmakko represents the beauty of Lapland at its best. The unique environment and the pure nature combined with personal peace and amazing dining experiences make an unforgettable impression. The relaxing sauna, warm Hot spring,  and refreshing ice swimming hole invite you to experience Lapland in the way you desire. Whatever you need – Sirmakko can offer!


In the Sirmakko Kota-restaurant the atmosphere is made by the huge fireplace in which some of the meals are also prepared. The menu of the Kota-restaurant is made with fresh and clean ingredients, reindeer, lake fish, mushrooms, berries and herbs, all locally sourced. The menu entities together with a high quality drink list which is designed and put together with some of the best chefs in Finland.



Location: Perunkajärvi, Itäpuolentie, 45-minute car drive from city center.

Real authentic reindeer farm in the middle of wilderness.

50 -seater Kota-restaurant, lakeside sauna and a Hot spring

We are a destination accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age.

Sirmakko reindeer fence, where the Sirmakko reindeer family keep their reindeer in during the harsh winter times, so the reindeer are fed and healthy. At other times the reindeer roam freely in the nature.

The roots of Sirmakko reindeer family date back to the 1700s.

Hanna’s great-grandparents founded Suikin paliskunta in the 1850’s. Paliskunta is a cooperative of reindeer herdsmen administering defined herding area.

Suikin paliskunta combined with Poikajärven paliskunta at the 1930’s. Poikajärven paliskunta is the group where Sirmakko belongs till this day.

There are endless stories about the history of reindeer herding in Sirmakko and in general.
Six-generations and more than 300 years have passed, and the stories keep on coming!

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